Submit a Proposal

Deadline – Monday, May 25, 2015

If you would like to submit a proposal for a presentation to be given on Saturday or Sunday, please complete the information below. Presenters may be clinicians, educators, engineers, manufacturers’ representatives, or the ultimate experts– cochlear implant users and their family members. If your proposal is accepted, we’ll waive your registration fee.

Please feel free to submit more than one proposal; one idea might fit into the program better than another. If you would like to discuss an idea before submitting it, feel free to contact Marilyn Neault and Lydia Gregoret, program co-chairs at The talks occur on Saturday (75 minute sessions) or on Sunday morning (60 minute sessions).

Topics may range from infancy to retirement with a CI, college and beyond, social media, voice to text technologies, telephone use, apps for CI users, music, sports, stress management, universal design for learning, legislative advocacy, reading improvement, the magic language of math, safety with a CI, how’s your balance, career changes, laws to lean on, mixing hearing aid and implant sounds, bullying, sibling relationships, CI is my easier challenge, vision testing and disorders, how toddlers develop language, second language learning, religious education –and as you can see, the possibilities are endless!

Teen rap sessions, grandparent circle, panels of CI users of various profiles, etc. will be included in the program. Presentations are not requested that focus on a specific program or center, but rather principles that can be generalized. Your presentations must be of interest to and entirely understandable by both consumer and professional attendees.

It helps to think “What could I present that would assist people who use cochlear implants, and the people who serve their needs, to have more satisfying relationships and outcomes?”

We look forward to your proposal!

To submit a proposal:

  1. Complete and submit the disclosure form. Each presenter who will be speaking has to fill out a disclosure form. Please complete the form and send it to The form can be found here:
  2. Complete the Presentation Proposal Form

Presentation Proposal Form